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Read about the Home Energy SolutionsSM Program and New England Smart Energy in Newsweek’s Slate. click here

Sign up for Home Energy SolutionsSM and receive an average of $950 services and save up to $180 on your annual energy bills. Co-pay is now $50. Please note that the copay will increase to $75 starting January 1, 2024.

The most cost-effective way to give your home an energy “check-up” is by signing up for the Home Energy SolutionsSM program.

A Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified energy technician will visit your home and perform an energy efficiency assessment. In addition, he may seal ducts and air leaks and perform a range of energy saving measures (see below). Your BPI technician will provide you with the results of his “check-up”. He will explain the tests taken and the upgrades performed. He will make recommendations for energy efficiency upgrades and counsel you on short- and long-term options, including a cost/benefit analysis that will help you reduce your energy bills.

The technician will provide you with all the available rebates and the best available financing options to do further energy upgrades that will increase the energy efficiency of your home.

Your personalized home energy “check up” includes:

  • Air Sealing/Weatherstripping—A blower-door test will be performed to identify air leakage and critical drafts points in your home.
    According to test results the technician will professionally seal major air leaks during his visits.
  • Duct Sealing—A duct blaster test will be performed that analyzes air and leaks in your ductwork system. Technicians will seal any significant leaks, if conditions meet air flow standards, reducing your A/C and heating costs. This includes Aeroseal, if customer qualifies.
  • Appliances Inspection—The technician will review your appliances for efficiency levels and offer rebates for Energy Star® appliances, when applicable.
  • Insulation Evaluation—Insulation upgrades will be recommended including cost saving incentives and rebates.

Insulation Rebates available covering $1.70/sqft.

  • Hot Water Saving Measures—The technician will install faucet aerators, low-flow showerheads, and insulate hot water pipes where needed, helping you save on your heating bill and conserve water.
  • Heating and Cooling System Evaluation—The technician can recommend further testing and offer rebates for qualifying A/C and Heat Pump systems.
  • Conservation Tips—Technician will discuss and recommend online resources.
  • A “kitchen table wrap-up”—The technician will discuss the “health” of your home, the work performed, recommendations for further energy efficient improvements and all rebates/incentives along with the most cost effective financing available; with the goal of making your home “healthier” and helping you save money and energy.
  • DOE Score—Department of Energy Score at No Cost

New England Smart Energy Group, LLC is a proud, authorized contractor of the Energize ConnecticutSM Home Energy Solutions Program, brought to you by the Sponsors of Energize CTSM. New England Smart Energy Group, LLC is one of a small group of vendors authorized to perform your home energy assessment. License: HIC.0624471

*At market prices, the services offered by Home Energy SolutionsSM would cost the average home owner over $950. For example, the blower door test and duct test (per system) alone typically cost $350 each.

*Please note: If you have signs of asbestos or black mold, see examples below: you would not receive the full benefits of the Home Energy SolutionsSM program since we will not be able to run a blower door test. Please look for asbestos-like material and mold in your home before scheduling (usually found in basements and attics).

Apply today for your home “check up” and start saving on your energy bills now! Or call us to schedule your Home Energy SolutionsSM visit: 1-203-292-8088

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