Your Energy Efficiency Checkup:

Diagnose + Prescribe > Remedy

NEW ENGLAND SMART ENERGY, LLC presents a LOW-COST solution to optimizing the efficiency of your home and reducing your energy bills for the life of your home. In addition, we focus on comfort issues (such as drafty rooms, unnecessary noise), health issues (gas and CO leakages and mold to name a few) and by doing so address the environmental impact of your home – all at the same time.

We offer a wide range of services making us a one-stop source to help you optimize your home’s energy efficiency, health and sustainability. Our work is done by our professional, accredited team. When needed, we also work with reputable, licensed contractors to provide you a wide range of services.

Diagnose: The most cost-effective way to give your home an energy “check-up” is by signing up for the Home Energize ConnecticutSM Home Energy SolutionsSM assessment and service. Then our professional, BPI accredited HES technician will recommend the most cost-effective/energy saving efficiency solutions for your home.

Prescribe+Remedy: After your energy check-up, you will receive a report on the most energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions for your home. This will be based on the results of the blower door, duct blaster, combustion safety and other visual tests. We will prioritize the recommended upgrades, explain the process and how it will impact the health of your home, estimate the costs (including all rebates, incentives, tax credits), and offer you the best financing options available on the market (see rebates/finance options). All the tools you need to make an educated decision for the “health” and energy optimization of your home.

3 Facts About Energy Savings

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