Our Mission and Who We Are

NEW ENGLAND SMART ENERGY GROUP was not founded by a contractor, or an investor, but an energy efficiency advocate who, after years of research came to the undeniable conclusion that energy efficiency is not only the best and “greenest” but also the most cost effective means to combat the multitude of problems resulting from our addiction to fossil fuels…

To that end we have formed a company dedicated to offering our customers a wide range of services that focus on performing energy audits and assessments and implementing simple, inexpensive solutions that can dramatically reduce your energy bills. Our home “check-up” approach tests various measures of your home and views your home, as a “whole system” allowing us to make comprehensive, “holistic,” and cost-saving recommendations to improve the “health” and energy efficiency of your home. In addition, our BPI certified technicians will recommend the most cost effective solutions and offer the best financing options.

Pay No Money Down and Pay as You Save

What does this mean?

Through new energy efficient low interest “home energy loans” you don’t have to pay a penny up front! The goal is to match your monthly savings on your energy bills (from the energy efficiency upgrades) with the monthly costs of the loan so that your monthly savings are equal to or greater than your monthly loan payments. After the loan is paid off, all savings from the energy retrofits are yours for the life of your home… In addition, you will have increased the value of your home and it will appraise higher.

Our commitment is to save every home over 30% or more on their energy bills and there is no better time then NOW to upgrade your home. The Energize ConnecticutSM Home Energy SolutionsSM program is your most economical first step. For further efficiency upgrades CT is currently offering substantial rebates and incentives but only a limited period of time. These incentives, combined with the federal tax rebates and low energy efficiency loans can reduce the cost of energy efficiency upgrades significantly, especially when adding in the monthly savings on your energy bill you can be spending close to nothing.

This is an unprecedented time in history that may not last long, so we encourage you to take advantage now of these generous rebated and incentives while they are still available!

Our Credentials/Accreditations

All our certified licensed BPI technicians share a common purpose, passion and commitment to using the most sustainable techniques and proven measures to increase the comfort, health and efficiency of your home. They use a “whole home” approach utilizing “building science” and specified materials to maximize the right balance of economy, performance and sustainability. In addition, since “building science” and efficiency upgrades are a relatively new “industry” we will continue to incorporate new services and products that make economic and sustainable sense for our clients.

BPI Building Analyst Specialist
BPI Envelope Specialist
Heating Professional and AC Heat Pump Professional
HERS Rater
17 Years General Construction Experience
MBA – Finance
CT Real Estate License
NABCEP PV Entry Level Certificate for Solar Installation
Advanced Courses in Solar Installation an Battery Backup Systems
Insulation Training
Building Science Training
Architecture Degree

NEW ENGLAND SMART ENERGY GROUP, LLC offers a wide range of services. Working only with the best reputable, licensed contractors through out CT our work is performance based and quality assured. We are a one-stop shop for all energy efficiency services and aim to make your home healthier and more energy efficient while saving you money and helping the planet.

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