Low to 0% financing is available to help with your project cost. Learn more at – And don’t forget you may also qualify for generous REBATES (like $1.70/sq ft for insulation). You will have NO out of pocket costs and may still save money each month on your energy bills.

The various Energy Efficiency loans through C4C can be accessed here. Loans through the Connecticut Green Bank here.


Home Energy SolutionsSM Micro Loan (for insulation customers) – 0% FINANCING – That’s right – 0% !!!

Capital For Change (formerly known as CHIF) offers loans to finance the qualified insulation upgrades as recommended by a Home Energy Solutions Assessment. Projects of up to $3,000 qualify for an interest rate of 0% for a 3 year term. These loans are underwritten based upon your electric utility payment history, and do not require a credit report unless you have had your account for less than 6 months.

To apply for Micro Loan, please go to:

The loan options have changed, for a current overview of Energy Efficiency Loans available through C4C, please visit:

Smart-E Loans through Connecticut Green Bank:
  • Residential loan designed for CT Homeowners
  • Low-interest financing with flexible terms
  • Easy application through local lenders
    • Unsecured personal loan
  • 40+ energy improvements
  • $500 to $50,000, varying interest rates for loan various loan terms


New England Smart Energy Groupwants to make the process of upgrading your home hassle-free and without any costs to you. After your energy-efficiency goals are determined, our Home Energy Solutions technicians can assist you with a finance plan. Our mission is to have your savings from the energy efficiency upgrades be equal to or greater than your monthly loan payments.

After your loan is paid off (typically 1–3 years) your more energy-efficient home will keep saving you money. Lower energy bills will significantly increase the VALUE of your home – especially in today’s challenged real estate market.

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