Remedy: More Upgrades

Once your home is properly sealed and insulated you should consider these upgrades for additional savings and comfort.

  • HVAC Evaluation and Recommendations for Upgrade and Servicing: Once your home is sufficiently sealed and there is no wasted air escaping or entering (and no unnecessary energy spent), the next most cost-effective measure to consider is replacing an inefficient furnace/boiler/burner (especially if it is over ten years old and is less than 65% efficient.) In addition, if your A/C unit is less than SEER 14 this might also be a good investment. Our technicians will make appropriate recommendations and may recommend an additional assessment of your heating system (clean, tune and test) of the furnace or boiler. In most cases, this will require an additional home visit by an OPM-authorized vendor/technician. This service includes cleaning the soot build-up, replacement of the burner nozzle, fuel filter, and air filter, system adjustment to achieve maximum efficiency, and a final efficiency test. The HES program offers rebates for many HVAC upgrades, see rebates.
  • Wi-Fi Thermostats:This $100 Wi-Fi enabled control will instantly save you money on your energy bills.
  • Efficient Lighting:The HES audit includes 25 LEDS including 8 courtesy LED bulbs. We may recommend additional bulbs or a new lighting design (sensors, etc.) if we feel it necessary to further optimize your efficiency and it is cost effective. All lighting designs and recommendations take into account your preferences for style, color and light quality.
  • Appliance Upgrade: As part of HES audit, any older or inefficient appliance will be noted. The HES program offers rebates for many appliance upgrades, and will be signed off on by HES accredited inspector, see rebates. The main energy “hogs” are refrigerators (especially the older one in the basement!), and your clothes dryer and washer. However, most appliances upgrades can save you money and we will prioritize which ones are costing you the most.
  • Windows Rebate: The window rebate offers $100 a window for replacing single pane windows with Triple Pane Energy Star qualified windows (no storm windows). Call 1-877-947-3873 (WISE USE) for more information.

Note: Going through the HES program will be the most cost-effective means of getting your home “check up.”

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