Remedy: Top 3 Money-Savers

We may recommend remediation of one or more of the following common problems that waste energy, and cost you money every month! In addition, these services will make your home more comfortable and healthy to live in while increasing its value for years to come.

These services alone can save you over 40% on your energy bills:
    1. Air Sealing/Weather Stripping – Imagine having a large window in your house that never closes. By conducting the blower door test, we measure your home’s air leaks and determine the size of this “window.” We calculate the Building Airflow Standard for the size of your home and occupancy rate, and compare that to what the actual blower door results tell us in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM). We can tell you how much energy you are wasting due to excess air-flow, and what our limit is for making your home air tight while maintaining healthy air exchange. From here, and if needed, with the help of a Thermal IR Imaging Camera that captures exactly where heat is escaping (in a colorful photo), we seal and caulk and weather strip the envelope of your home; the outer walls, doors and windows, attic hatch, the basement, crawl space, wall outlets, recessed lights, and any opening that is causing unwanted air to escape and enter your home.
    2. Duct Sealing/Hot Water Pipe Sealing – Duct Leakage causes severe indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems, and increased energy use. In addition, the average duct system can leak up to 30% of conditioned air. We use a Duct Blower Test – a variable speed fan that we attach to your duct system to measure duct air leakage and find the source of the leaks. Duct sealing reduces air borne chemicals and pollutants, CO leakage from appliances and heaters; increasing your homes comfort and health while reducing your energy bills.

Note: Air Sealing and Duct Sealing are done as part of HES visit. However, there are caps to the amount of sealing allowed. If your home is large or extremely “leaky” it may exceed the caps and will need some additional sealing.

  1. Insulation – Over 75% of homes in CT were built before 1980 and most are not well insulated or in some places, like your attic, not insulated at all. This one problem can dramatically drive up your energy bills by up to 50%. Improving the efficiency of your building “shell” with properly installed insulation will not only significantly cut your energy bills but will improve the comfort of your home. Utilizing the blower door test and an IR Thermal Camera we will expose all the insulation levels and the air flow through out your home so you can see with your own eyes where your home is losing energy. From these tests we will recommend the best insulation for your homes particular need We use Cellulous insulation (made from recycled newspapers – an environmentally sound material) which is also mold, fire and pest resistant and acts as an excellent sound barrier. Other forms of insulation, like spray foam insulation, made from soy may also be utilized; both do not decay or settle when installed by a professional.  Find out about insulation rebates.
  2. Ventilation – Once your home is properly sealed, you may want to install a whole house HEPA air filtration system (Energy Recovery or Heat Rec Vent). This way you are breathing, clean, fresh, filtered air all year long. This will help greatly help those with asthma and allergies and other ailments associated with contaminated air.

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