Who are we? Perhaps our Sunday affirmation says it best.

“Love is the spirit of this church, and service its law.
This is our great covenant; to dwell together in peace,
to seek the truth in love, and to help one another.”

Unitarian Universalism is a “living tradition” that draws upon the wisdom of the world’s religions. If you asked one of our children what kind of person a Unitarian Universalist is she might tell you that a Unitarian Universalist is a person with an “open mind, helping hands, and loving heart”. An adult might tell you that we affirm, “freedom, reason and tolerance”.

We encourage you to find out what you believe for yourself. We have no creed. We believe that experience is essential to understanding and integrating religious truths into our lives. We affirm that our everyday lives and relationships are sacred, filled with experiences that change us. We agree to disagree in love about personal issues of faith.

Here in the Westport Congregation we are a diverse community of individuals and families, old and young, and gay and straight. We are people from a variety of faith backgrounds. Most of us were not born UU’s. Here now together we affirm those values we hold in common, explore those mysteries we cannot prove, live with our questions and share each other’s journeys.

We encourage you to know us better. You need not be a member to join our adult education program sponsored by Odyssey, participate with your family in our children’s RE program, lend your hand to our social justice work or your voice to one of our choirs.

Now, more than ever, it matters how we treat each other. We seek to create a community that nurtures, sustains, heals and empowers people of all ages to build a world of love and justice. We invite you to join us!

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