A focus on the community
We are proud of our long heritage as a “mission-oriented” church, reaching out to our local community as well as those in need throughout the world. Church members volunteer their time and talents for hands-on involvement, from providing meals at a food kitchen, to working in an outreach center, to mentoring youth or adults in transition. You can truly make a difference here.

Saugatuck’s EarthCare/EarthShare group, which usually meets on the first Wednesday of each month, sponsors discussions and panel presentations pertaining to environmental responsibility and the church’s stewardship of the earth.
EarthCare/EarthShare sponsors Earth Day celebrations each year, and involves the Christian Education group in hands-on activities, including taking part in the annual International Coastal Cleanup for the Saugatuck River.
*For more information, contact Cece Saunders at hpix2@aol.com or Russell Brenneman at rbrenneman@optonline.net.

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