A Better Chance of Westport

The goal of this Smart Energy Fundraising program is to enable A Better Chance of Westport; to raise money in a way that benefits both the donor and the charity. This we feel provides an ideal balance, a ‘win-win’, so to speak and still keeping within the ‘Spirit of Giving’. All donations are tax deductible.

Normally, New England Smart Energy Group charges a $75 co-pay, for which homeowners receive a Home Energy Services (HES) Assessment. During the visit, homeowners can receive up to $700+ in ‘energy related’ products and services paid for by the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund (CEEF). Our fund raising program will pay $25 to ABC of Westport, for every home tested as a result of this ‘Energy’ fund raising promotion.

A Better Chance of Westport is a program that selects motivated students of color from educationally
disadvantaged areas who demonstrate potential for academic excellence and leadership in life. It offers them the opportunity to live in the Westport community during the school year, attend the town’s award-winning Staples High School, engage with Westport’s residents and participate in the town’s activities. ABC of Westport gives its young scholars a better chance. The program also gives all of Westport a better chance: to share the community’s resources, to support the program’s purpose and to benefit from its diversity.

You are encouraged to actively participate in this fundraiser by canvassing friends, family and neighbors. Please tell your friends and family about this fundraiser by clicking, Tell your friends. No money needs to change hands and New England Smart Energy will call you to confirm and to book the appointment (Connecticut only). Support this cause, fight climate change and save money at the same time.

Due to potential high customer participation and program oversubscription, we reserve the right to restrict services so we can include homes that need the most help. This program is subject to change based on available funding. Filling out this form does not automatically qualify you for the Home Energy Services (HES) program. If your home is selected, you will be notified via letter or telephone. An authorized adult must be present during the assessment and provide access to the premises.

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