How long does the home energy assessment usually take to complete?
The energy assessment usually takes between 2 and 4 hours. The size, age and construction of your home will determine the length of the visit.
After I have had the assessment done, how long do I have to wait until I see that I’m saving money?
Assuming we are able to do work on your home and reduce your energy usage (by sealing air leaks, installing CFLs and water savings measures, etc.) your savings will be seen right away on your next bill. Savings may differ from season to season as some measures decrease heating demands and others affect electricity use, including air conditioning.
How much does a customer usually save after the home assessment?
Again, every home is different and the savings depends its size and how leaky or “inefficient” your home was prior to the visit (a newer tight home will save less money than an older “leaky” home) but on average the savings is 7-11% on your energy bills.
Will I get information right away about potential savings?
As long as your energy usage is available, the technician will be able to show you your estimated savings at the end of the assessment on a utility approved “Report Card”. You will receive a copy of the “Report Card” via email as well.
How much does it cost?
The co-pay of $149 is determined by the Department of Public Utility Control, and is subject to change. The CT Energy Efficiency Fund pays the remaining cost of the visit. The program is funded by a small surcharge on your electric and gas utility bills.
Why do some people qualify for rebates and others do not?
Depending on how your home is heated; a variety of rebates are available. Your HES Tech will explain which ones you qualify for. You can find additional information on rebates on our website.
What if I don’t want the light bulbs or shower heads?
You are not required to switch bulbs or shower heads if you choose not to, every measure on the program is only if the customer chooses to have them installed.
What if I’ve had an audit in the past few years? Can I do it again?
Currently, if you have had a Home Energy Assessment done prior to 18 months ago for your current home, you would need to contact us to see if you qualify for another.
What do the technicians do other than evaluate my home energy use and conservation and efficiency potential?
The technicians actually do a lot of work. They install up to 25 CFL & 6 LED bulbs, seal and weatherize leaks in your home, including ducts if they are accessible. They seal hot water pipes and install water saving measures like low flow shower heads and aerators. They also test your home for gas and carbon monoxide leaks, asbestos and mold, all of which are health hazards.
Why is the federal government involved? What is its role?
Our program is made possible by a $4.17 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, funded as part of the Better Buildings Initiative. Better Buildings is an innovative federal program that aims to create a self-sustaining building energy upgrade market by granting more than $500 million in federal funding among 41 hand-selected state and local government programs. We’re proud and excited to be part of a program that’s providing high-quality energy improvements to homes and businesses across the nation!

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